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“Funny With Food” Nutritional Educational Posters & Bookmarks

Created and founded by Chef Michael Garahan, an American Culinary Federation Certified Executive Chef, with the mission is to provide free“Chef Mikey®’s Funny with Food™”‘ nutritional posters to schools and businesses. These posters will highlight the benefits of healthy ingredients, told through Chef Mikey®’s trademarked comic strip. He and other chefs will also visit schools and organizations, demonstrating healthy recipes. We have also teamed up with top chef scientists to create more food related tests.

Our Mission
The mission of Chef Mikey® Inc is to promote healthy eating to school age children through Chef Mikey®’s Funny with Food™ Posters, and on-site demonstrations from Chef Michael.Chef Mikey®’s Funny with Food™, is a comic strip which teaches about healthy ingredients, backed by science.

Funny with Food - Cinnamon

Funny with Food - Apples

Funny with Food - Cranberries

Funny with Food - Bookmark

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